Top 10 Funny Animal Videos: Dogs, Cats and YouTube, 'Oh My!'

Looking for some funny animal videos that the whole family can enjoy? This list of top 10 YouTube funny animal videos is full of pet antics, mostly dogs and cats, but also an especially talented bird.

Some animals talk, some fight, others are skilled, and some pets are just plain uncoordinated. So pull up a chair and enjoy these funny animal video clips. Warning: You may have a strong desire to acquire a pet after viewing.

YouTube Funny Animal Video #1
Talking Dogs (I Love Mama)
This is a great video to send to your mom on Mother's day where she can hear several pups say "I love mama," each in their own adorable way. The little fluff ball at the end is the cutest and says, "I _want_ my mama," perfectly.

YouTube Funny Animal Video #2
Funny Cats (Balance Skills)
Love or dislike cats, this funny animal video will have you chuckling. Though it is difficult to tell how many animals were self-injured in this film, by overestimatiing their balance skills. Also, you know the cartoons that show a cat hanging by the ceiling? Well, view it for real with this funny animal video clip.

YouTube Funny Animal Video #3
Cat and Dog Fight (Get Out of My Bed)
Ever fight with someone for the bed covers? Well, this cat and dog fight over a bed, which the cat seems to think is hers. See who wins with this entertaining animal video.

YouTube Funny Animal Video #4
Funny Dogs (Kids and Dogs Don't Always Mix)
No animals were harmed in this film but a poor boy sure was when his canine friend greeted him. Narrated to the tune of, "Who Let the Dogs Out", this funny animal video sports some great canine antics.

YouTube Funny Animal Video #5
Super Funny Bird (The Impersonator)
Dogs and cats get all the glory among funny animal videos, but this bird is a quite a comic contender. Having appeared on the TV circuit, this talkative fellow entertains people with its many imitations of real and inanimate objects, from a spaceship to a boom box.

YoutTube Funny Animal Video #6
Talking Cats(Voice-over Talent)
We don't often hear of talking cats but these felines speak pretty well. Among the entertaining felines is a cat that sounds like Donald Duck. Who says cats aren't as smart as dogs?

YoutTube Funny Animal Video #7
Animals Attack (Dog Mad at ...?)
This dog is happily chewing on a bone when a nearby threat looms. It is the dogs own foot and he's none too happy about it. You will also find a calf payback a man for trying to force the calf into a trailer. The rest of the video is a paid download, but the free footage of this funny animal video is pretty good.

YouTube Funny Animal Video #8
Funny Pet Video (Food Torture?)
Is this film about some sort of Japanese food torture or an Asian version of stupid pet tricks? It is difficult to say, but the second dog ought to get an Oscar for playing dead. More amazing than funny perhaps but this interesting animal video is worth a look.

YoutTube Funny Animal Video #9
Cats (Can't Help It)
This is one of the better funny cat videos that show some downright crazy but courageous cats. One of the felines chases off a small bear while another gets in trouble for messing with the fish tank.

YouTube Funny Animal Video #10
Nora, the Piano Playing Cat
If you have trouble getting your kids interested in piano lessons, just show them this talented feline who seems to really love the instrument.

If you liked these YouTube funny animal videos, or just want to see how expensive it can be to own a cat, check out this rather amazing video by AC Content Producer Lane Fournerat., entitled Water Leak Problems.

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  • Pets have a variety of talents.
  • When dog and cats fight, dogs sometimes win.
  • Pets are a source of entertainment but more importantly, love.
Ailurophobia is the fear of cats. Julius Caesar, Henry II, Charles XI, and Napoleon all suffered from this and would nearly faint in the presence of a cat. (source:


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