Top 10 Funny Animal YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great place to go when you need a good laugh. Anyone can create a video and upload it for the world to see. Some times you do have to sift through a lot of junk to find the good ones, but usually its well worth it.

1.Funny Animal Show
This video has made my list partly because I love Monkeys and partly because it's pretty funny. A monkey and a human have the stage and their doing tricks. Its pretty funny when the monkey changes the course and starts pulling tricks back on his master.

2.Nina Conti and Monkey
This is a hilarious video of a women who is a comedian and a ventriloquist. Her dummy is a monkey, a dirty, funny monkey at that. they proceed with their act until the money says he is done and wants to be placed in the bag. This video is pretty funny. She plays a very good part in this video.

3. Funny cats
The title should say it all. Even though I am not a huge fan of cats, I love watching them. They act so funny 99% of the time. This just cracks me up. These cats on here mostly involving water, are no exception.

4. Talking Animals
This video is amazing. These animals are actually talking. If you listen close you can hear them say I love Mama, Love you, Hello, Hi and much more. I am just amazed these animals can get their animals to do this.

5. Animals that are better than you
The person who put this video together really has a creative side. He is really funny showing us what animals are better then human and why they are better. I really got a kick out of this video.

6. Skateboarding Doggie
We ave all seen this at some point in our lives and it still continues to amaze me. I cant believe these small fat bulldogs can ride a skateboard. I am going to get an English bulldog in a few years and this is going to be the first thing I try and teach it.

7. Guy fights bear for fish
I have seen this a few times in my emails and floating round the net. I know its not real but its still really funny. The bear beats up a guy for a fish. What makes this funny is how real it all looks, and its something you could actually see a bear trying to do, if he knew how.

8. Crazy Animals
A great collection of animals who have gone crazy. I am sure most of you have seen a dog who chases their tail. Have you ever seen a lion who does it. This video has one along with many other funny animals. Yes there is monkeys in this one.

9. The Most Amazing Dog
This video is not funny, but it is very amazing. I love this dog. She was born without her front legs. She walks on her hind legs . Her "Mommy" taught her with peanut butter. Everyone told them it was impossible. She does it and is getting pretty famous now.

10. Super Funny Bird Talking
This African grey is awesome. He can do many animal noises. His owner just ask him all kinds of questions and he answers them. She tells him to whisper, get evil, sing opera and much other things. This bird can even dance.

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