Top 10 Songs by Genesis

The English rock band, Genesis, is among the top thirty highest-selling artists of all time. Since its beginning in the late 1960s, Genesis has sold approximately 150 million albums worldwide. Genesis' band members have included Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett and Ray Wilson. Each of these musicians also went on to achieve success as solo artists.

With the group's variety of styles and songs, singling out the top ten songs by Genesis was not an easy task. After some careful consideration, here are my top ten songs by Genesis.

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "Land Of Confusion"

This song's lyrics make a strong point. "Too many men, too many people. making too many problems. And there's not enough love to go 'round. Can't you see? This is the land of confusion."

"Land of confusion" was a rare political move for the band. The lyrics focus on the questions and uncertainties of the Cold War in the 1980s, while still trying to share a glimmer of hope.

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "Throwing It All Away"

"Throwing It All Away" speaks of the struggle of being in a doomed relationship. "We can not live together. We can not live apart. That's the situation. I've known it from the start."

Genesis had a number one hit with this song on the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks. The song was also ranked fourth on the Billboard Hot 100.

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "No Son Of Mine"

"No Son Of Mine" tells the sad tale of a young boy who runs to escape life in an abusive home. After time and consideration, he returns to confront his father only to be faced with a reprimand, "You've walked out. You left us behind. You're no son, you're no son of mine."

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "Misunderstanding"

"Misunderstanding" is a song about an ongoing problem between men and women-miscommunication. The singer laments, "There must be some misunderstanding. There must be some kind of mistake. I waited in the rain for hours. You were late."

The man portrayed in this song arrives for a date only for no one to come. He searches in various place for her, makes phone calls to no avail, and finally goes to her home. When he arrives, he finds another man leaving her home.

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "Invisible Touch"

"Invisible Touch" tells the story of a woman who holds an unexplainable power over a man. Even though he senses he shouldn't trust her and feels she is dangerous, he's still drawn to her. He says, "She seems to have an invisible touch, yeah. She reaches in and grabs right hold of your heart. She seems to have an invisible touch, yeah. It takes control and slowly tears you apart."

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "Driving the Last Spike"

"Driving the Last Spike" narrates the story of an anonymous railroad worker. The song was inspired by the railroad workers who died making the British railways in the 1800's. The narrator tells the sad tale, "We followed the rail, we slept under the stars. Digging in darkness, and living with danger. Showing no fear of what lies up ahead. They'll never see the likes of us again."

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "Hold On My Heart"

This emotional song shows the thoughts of someone who's lost a loved one and is hesitant to love again. He pleads with his heart, "Hold on my heart. Don't let her see you crying. No matter where I go, she'll always be with me."

To further add to the poignancy of this song, the video for "Hold On My Heart" shows the band performing in an empty nightclub.

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "I Can't Dance"

"I Can't Dance" was a humorous song that mocked the superficial world of television advertisements and jeans models. "I can't dance. I can't talk. Only thing about me is the way I walk. I can't dance. I can't sing. I'm just standing here selling everything."

The video for this song introduced an "I Can't Dance" dance complete with stiff movements and poses.

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "That's All"

This catchy tune is about a failing relationship. The lyrics capture an individual's frustration over discovering that he's never going to please his mate. "Just as I thought it was going alright. I find out I'm wrong, when I thought I was right. It's always the same. It's just a shame, that's all."

Top Ten Songs by Genesis - "Home By the Sea"

"Home By the Sea" is a song about a haunted house located by the sea. A burglar breaks in, only to find out the home is haunted. The ghosts hold him hostage and tell him "Let us relive our lives in what we tell you." The burglar receives his just dues by being forced to listen to the ghosts' stories for the remainder of his life.

Genesis has been a mainstay in the rock and pop music industry for decades. With the amazing lyrics, vocals, and instrumentals this group offers, it's no wonder Genesis is still a group loved by fans everywhere.

Here's a quick recap of my choices for the Top Ten Songs by Genesis: "Land Of Confusion", "Throwing It All Away", "No Son Of Mine", "Misunderstanding", "Invisible Touch", "Driving the Last Spike", "Hold On My Heart", "I Can't Dance", "That's All", and "Home By the Sea".

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  • Genesis' band members have included Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks, Steve
Since it's beginning in the late 1960's, Genesis has sold approximately 150 million albums worldwide.


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  • Hans 8/6/2013

    If this were called Top 10 "Pop" songs of the Phil Collins era Genesis, I could agree with 6 or 7 of these. That said, they were among the best prog rock bands prior to the Genesis album, of which, no songs are represented here. I would probably ad "I Can't Dance" a list titled as such, as that combined with "That's All" and "Land of Confusion" are 3 of my favorite pop era Genesis songs.

    That said, their entire prog rock era is left off your list which includes their entire output with Peter Gabriel. That leads me to wonder if you just don't care for the prog rock era or have just never really dug any deeper than their pop era.

  • GREGGH 5/24/2013

    Bizarre list! I'm not the world's biggest Genesis fan, and I'm only casually acquainted with the Peter Gabriel era, but just taking into account their post-Gabriel years, they have done better love songs than the ones on this list (Follow You Follow Me, Your Own Special Way), and better pop songs (No Reply At All, Abacab). No Man On The Corner? Not to mention you completely ignored what is arguably the best Genesis song ever: Turn It On Again.

  • JeffZ 2/1/2013

    You forgot everything prior to Abacab. Are you not a true genesis fan and realize most of thier genius was prior to Abacab. Anything after that was subpar. Where are: One from the Vine, The Knife, Carpet Crawlers, The lamb lies down on broadway, Duchess, Turn it on again?

  • Michael 2/1/2013

    awful selection

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