Top Ten Gift Ideas for Golfers

Having Trouble Finding that Perfect Gift for Your Golfer?

As always, the holiday season has snuck upon us. You have your all of your Christmas presents set except for that one person. If that person is a avid golfer, here is a Top Ten list of gift ideas for Christmas gifts for golfers. Each of these gifts is listed on a price range of low, moderate, or high.

10) Golf Accessories- Accessories such as golf tees, ball markers, and divot repairers are always in need for the golfer. Golfers can never have enough tees, and the use of a ball mark is always needed. (Low)

9) Golf Gloves- I myself tend to wear out a golf glove after only a few rounds of golf. Having several golf gloves gives your golfer an opportunity to not have to worry about replacing them every couple of rounds. (Low)

8) Training Aids- For every golfer, there is always room for improvement. Your golfer
will always enjoy receiving aids that could improve their game. These include things
such as swing trainers (Momentus or Swing Jacket), practice balls, practice mats, practice
videos from professionals. (Moderate)

7 Free Round(s) of Golf- Paying the greens fee for a couple of rounds is a welcomed gift by golfers. Being able to walk up to a course, play it and not pay a bit of your own money is a great feeling. Your choice of course is not greatly important, but knowing your golfer's favorite course and which courses to avoid is essential (Moderate-High)

6) Golf Lessons- Getting a gift certificate for golf lessons at the local professional is a great gift idea for your golfer. As said earlier, there is always room for improvement in someone's game. Being able to get an expert opinion on their swing would be a great gift for your golfer. Prices can range depending on where the lessons take place, and the person giving the lessons. (Moderate-High)

5) Rainwear- Rainwear can include jackets and pants. Rain jacket pullovers are a great idea for golfers. Not only can they be used on the golf course if the situation presents itself, but they can also be used in everyday situations as your normal rain jacket. Most common golf companies, such as Nike, make affordable jackets. (Moderate)

4) Club Covers- Club Covers are never a wrong choice as gifts. Club covers give golfers the ability to protect their clubs from the common wear and tear from rounds of golf. However, custom club covers or covers that include your golfer's favorite team are a great idea. Choosing their favorite college or NFL team would be a good possibility. (Low-Moderate)

3) Prints/Paintings- Art prints and paintings of famous golf holes are a great idea for your golfer. Most golfers love to decorate their rooms or offices with frames of golf holes. Some good ideas for prints would include golf holes from St. Andrews, Augusta National, Pebble Beach, and Kiawah Island. If your golfer has a favorite course, it would be a great idea to have a print or painting framed for them to hang the print wherever they like. (Moderate-High)

2) Balls- For golfers, there is never a problem with having too many golf balls. Many golfers tend to lose golf balls due to water hazards and out of bounds. Before buying golf balls, be sure to ask your golfer what type they prefer if they prefer any at all. (Moderate)

1) Clubs- This is the ultimate gift for your golfer. Whether you prefer to buy one club or a whole set, this gift would be amazing for your golfer. Usually, there is always a club that golfers could possibly replace, whether it is the driver or a wedge. As in number two, make sure to know what type of clubs your golfer prefers before making any type of purchase. (High)

This Top Ten list details possible gift ideas for your friends and family that are avid golfers. So if you are having trouble finding or thinking of gift ideas for your golfer, this list is for you. Depending on your money range, these gifts are listed from low prices to high prices. Lastly, before buying anything that is a brand product, such as clubs or balls, always make sure to find out what type or brand that your golfer prefers before making any purchases.

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