Virginia Foxx, the Representative of NC-05

You Don't Want to Be as Crazy as This Foxx!

This is the second in my "Worst People in Congress" series. The first was on Steve King of Iowa.

Virginia Foxx

Who is Virginia Foxx?

Virginia Foxx is the representative from North Carolina's Fifth congressional district. She has a doctorate in education from UNC-Chapel Hill. Foxx has represented NC-05 since 2005 (Foxx Website). She was born in 1943 in the Bronx in New York City (Wikipedia)

North Carolina's Fifth Congressional District

NC-05 is northwestern North Carolina, bordering Virginia and Tennessee. It's a very rural district (57% rural, per the census) and about 90% White. It's also a very conservative district. McCain got 61% and GW Bush got 66% each time he ran.

Rep. Foxx and Katrina

Rep. Foxx was one of only 11 representatives (all Republicans, surprise) to vote against relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina (see 2005).

Virginia Foxx and gay rights

Rep. Virginia Foxx is an opponent of gay rights. She went so far as to call the death of Matthew Shepard for being gay a "hoax".

Virginia Foxx and fundraising

Like nearly all politicians, Rep. Foxx has to raise money. Unlike many, she doesn't want people to know who is supporting her. She opposed the Disclose Act, which would require corporations to disclose when they were supporting a candidate.

Foxx and executive pay

Corporate executives make a lot of money. Some people think shareholders of corporations should regulate executive pay. Foxx disagrees. She voted against bills to do that. (see On the Issues)

More issues

Foxx has voted against renewable energy, for more oil refineries, against money for higher education, against parental leave for federal employees, against electoral votes for the District of Columbia and yes on allowing the government to spy on us without warrant or oversight. (See On the Issues).

Some quotes from Foxx (see Wikiquotes)

On health care reform "I believe we have more to fear from that bill than from any terrorist right now in any country"

On tobacco regulation "emblematic of the attempt by the majority party to control every aspect of our lives"


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