What is Labial Adhesion and Why Does it Happen

Children with Labial Adhesion

It its common for girls ages 3 months to 6 years to have a labial adhesion also referred as labial agglutination. If your child has a rash it might cause the vaginal area to become itchy and inflamed. The labia will stick together and fuse together due to the irritation caused by a rash. Once the labia is fused together it will look as if the opening to the vagina has closed. If the parent does not notice this on time the child may develop a bladder infection as the urine will get trapped near the closed labia and create an infection.

Experts aren't completely sure what causes the lips to fuse together but are certain that whatever causes the are to irritate can be a cause for a labial adhesion. To prevent a labial adhesion you must make sure you examine your child's diaper area after bathing or changing. Inspect them to make sure the area isn't red or has a rash which can lead to adhesion of the labia. Doctors will prescribe an estrogen cream which contains levels of hormone so your child may experience a small amount of breast development. The cream should be applied directly on the area that is fused together with a cotton-tipped applicator. The labia should separate between 3 to 8 weeks, if it doesn't you need to contact your child's doctor immediately to have him/her rechecked and given additional medicine for the problem.

For now avoid any irritants that can cause inflammation such as:

Making sure your child wipes from front to back when using the bathroom

Wash their hands frequently, we all know children like to get their hands dirty and might touch their privates with dirty hands.

Avoid any perfumed toilet paper or fabric softeners

Avoid using bubble baths with scents, this can cause irritation and also a urinary tract infection.

Do not feel guilty if your child develops a labial adhesion, it is not your fault or your child's fault, we do not know what will make our kids skin irritate which is why you need to always check your child's body and make sure there is nothing unusual. If you do notice that your daughter has a labial adhesion do not try to open it yourself by pulling the labia apart or trying any other method, this will cause your child great discomfort and the area might re-adhere.

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