Where is Maricar Reyes?

After the Sex Scandal Videos

Where is Maricar Reyes?

This is the question plaguing me after the emotional stint of Katrina Halili at the Senate.

Maricar Reyes is one of the three women whose sex videos with Dr. Hayden Kho are being released everywhere. This incident has led to the inquiry at the Philippine Senate, which was attended by the two main characters--Hayden and Katrina.

The sad part is that Maricar Reyes is a doctor, a general practitioner in fact. Despite being an actress and commercial model, she strives so much to separate her private life with her celebrity status. It is as if she is trying to maintain a day job behind her glamorous "other job."

This set up was fine until her steamy videos with Hayden were released over the internet. Who would have think that the really refined and soft spoken Maricar has her own collection? Of course, I believe that the videos were taken without her consent, nevertheless, the whole world has already taken part of her private moments with Hayden--and well, seen her private parts.

I feel bad for Maricar. I wonder how she is taking all these...and her family, too. The people who get hurt the most by these happenings are the families. As mother, I could not imagine how her parents are feeling. They have raised her and sent her to a good school and enabled her to finished med school. Now, she is being feasted upon everywhere like a porn actress. If she has siblings, they would really be the center of jokes among their circles.

And what would happen to her medical career? If the Senate and a lot of other people are pushing for the revocation of Dr. Hayden Kho's medical license, what about Maricar? I do hope that they don't meddle with her medical profession, as obviously, she is also a victim here. Like what Katrina said, I think Maricar's only fault was loving Hayden too much to give all of herself.

But even if her license is not revoked, I wonder if her patients will still respect her as a doctor?

Of course, Maricar Reyes' expertise in her field, whatever it is as she is not so open to discuss about it, is not in any way affected by her sexual encounters. However, there are people who feel bad when the person that they trust with their lives--their dcotors--is involved with anything malicious. They lose respect and therefore are prone to lose trust as well.

I do hope that Maricar Reyes will continue to live with her head up high. After all, it was not her fault that those videos were taken or even released. She should not suffer for Hayden's indiscretion.

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